Synergizing Networks As Inclusive Learning

慈善電影: 媽媽,我有一條了不起的神經!





Charity Film: The Normal Exceptional…

The Normal Exceptional –A soul search journey looking into Autism via the eyes of new realism as a salute to love and care.

An epic of this era of cultural conformity? It is gossiped: All highly functional students who are autistic are more beautiful than we all. Intrigued, teachers from universities and others are walking into the life of them for seven whole years.

Really a taste of melancholy reconciling surprises and surprises does exceed expectations of everyone. At its end, many teachers are willing to dedicate their life without hesitation.

However, the cold reality is in other way round and all kids are badly treated merely because of the difference. Never tolerated. A drunk sadness overwhelms everyone.

Gone is the seven years! With each frame pictures the soul search dive vividly, this journey immerses itself with tear and laugh.

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